ISPFH Co-op Membership Agreement

This Agreement is made by and between ISPFH Co-op, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation ("Coop") and the individual or company ("Member") as designated on the Membership Application appended hereto.

Whereas the purpose of the Coop is to provide dedicated, reliable and secure Internet connectivity for its members.

The Coop agrees as follows:

1. To provide Member with dedicated IP connectivity to the Internet at a level of service agreed to by Coop and Member and that is commensurate with the amount of usage fees paid by Member.

2. To equitably allocate usage fees among all of the members based upon each member's relative level of service as agreed to by Coop and Member.

3. To dedicate all Coop assets and revenue to the provision of services to its members.

4. To regulate member network traffic usage only to the extent necessary to maintain a reliable network, as further set forth in the Coop's Acceptable Use Policy.

5. To provide 30 days notice of any change of membership fees or usage fees.

Member agrees as follows:

1. To pay membership fees as set by the Board of Directors. Membership fees are due each calendar year on the anniversary of membership.

2. To pay usage fees as set by the Board of Directors commensurate with Member's agreed level of service. Usage fees are due in advance on the first day of each calendar month.

3. Membership will be terminated for membership or usage fees not paid within 30 days of date due.

4. To provide time and expertise, to the extent possible, to the Coop to assist in meeting the goals of the Coop.

5. Member has received a copy of and accepts the Coop By-laws.

6. Member has received a copy of and accepts the Coop Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"). Member acknowledges the availability of the AUP on the World Wide Web at, and that the AUP as posted there may be changed by the Coop on a monthly basis. Member agrees to abide by the terms of any such revised AUP.

7. All notices and documents pertaining to the Coop may be delivered to Member solely by email, and receipt of such materials by email shall be considered receipt for all business and legal purposes. Member waives any requirements for delivery of any documents or notices from the Coop other than by email.

Dated this ___ day of ___________, ______.

Agreed to by Member: ________________________

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