ISPFH Co-Op Acceptable Use Policy

This statement represents guidelines for the acceptable use of ISPFH Co-Op communications media, including traffic terminating on or passing through its networks. In such instances where data communications leave ISPFH's systems and are carried by other networks, ISPFH's users and connecting networks are advised that the acceptable use policies of other networks are applicable, and must be respected.

ISPFH informs its users of its own policies, and requires its connecting networks to do the same.

ISPFH has the right to terminate the services of an offending member or take other action as ISPFH deems appropriate without notice. ISPFH reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. Users agree that their use of ISPFH facilities constitutes acknowledgement of an understanding of then existing ISPFH policies as posted on the ISPFH website at the time of such use.


ISPFH Co-Op, a not-for-profit Illinois Corporation, has established its networks to:

Requirements of Usage:

Specifically Acceptable Uses:

Specifically Unacceptable Uses, among others:

Violation of Policy:

The Technical Board of the ISPFH Co-Op will review alleged violations of Acceptable Use Policy on a case by-case basis. Violations of policy may result in a requirement that the member upgrade services to accommodate otherwise legitimate use that is degrading ISPFH functionality because the member is under-provisioned for the use, or in serious cases, in termination of ISPFH membership and network services to member.

Please address all questions or comments regarding this policy statement to