Technical advantages of the ISPFH Co-Op

The ISPFH Co-op is a not-for-profit ISP run by very technical people for other technical people. This arrangement has many unique benefits, including these technical features:
No oversale
We never oversell Internet bandwidth. If you buy 1Mbps of bandwidth to the Internet, we reserve 1Mbps of bandwidth in our network and on our connection to our upstream provider. We will never be a bottleneck or congestion point between the Internet and you.
Bandwidth at cost
As a Co-op, all bandwidth is bought in volume from our upstream, and sold to the membership at cost.
Colocation features
All members can colocate servers for the cost of a switch port, bandwidth, and rack space in our racks, which are at a commercial colocation facility with reliable environmental control and backup power. Serial console and remote power control are available from the Coop at no extra cost.
As many IP addresses as you need
We are required to ration our IP address allocation; however we will always give you as many IP addresses as you actually require and can show you will usefully allocate, along with some room to grow. We can always move you to a larger address block if you are running out of addresses.
Control over your inverse DNS mapping
Full control over the name resolution of all of your IP addresses; from many ISPs, this arrangement is usually only available with a full 'Class C' address block.
DNS mirroring
We will mirror your domain name tables (up to 11 domains) on our primary name server. You do not need to make your internal name server visible to the public internet, only to our server.
Secondary MX e-mail service
E-Mail can be temporarily cached on our SMTP server for delivery to your internal mail servers.

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